During the course “Interaction techniques and design” the final project was to design a product family of five on the theme “Djupare gemenskap”/”Deeper communion”. The company Babel was founded with the vision that language should never be a problem. On the right we have the Babel-pen which translates the words when the user moves it over a text. Bellow the pen we have the Babel-dictionary with all the worlds languages inside. Firther to the bottom left we have Babel-Sub, a mobile phone which translates the callers speech into text and puts subtitles on video conversations. In the upper right corner we se Babel-pad that translates sign-language into text and vice versa. The pad consists of two screens one showing the translated text and one the gestures that corresponds to the spoken language.

Adobe Photoshop

Group members
Annika Jonsson
Christina Svensson
Filip Lundeholm

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