P.E.D.E.R – Peder En Dokumentationsutrustning för Enklare Rapportering (Peder A Documentation Equipment for Easier Reporting)
During the course “Industrial and interaction design” at Umeå Institute of Design a design proposal was to be made of a documentation equipment for the police with complementary software. The equipment was about to offer a easier and more effective way for the police to document their cases. The result was P.E.D.E.R, a device that was about to be warn on the arm with a screen, three physical buttons and a removable module containing a camera and microphone. The police could use the device for taking pictures, recording videos and sounds and making notes while he or she is out on a mission. By connecting P.E.D.E.R to a computer the police gets access to all his or her files and notes that was collected during the day threw the complementary software. The software has a split screen with all data gathered from the field on one side and a text editor on the other. In that way the policeman gets a good overview of the case and makes it easier to write the report. The software also includes a speech-to-text function which makes it easier to search in recorded material since all recorded sounds are translated into text.

Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop

Group members
Cecilia Löfström
Filip Lundeholm
Erik Långström

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